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How to Pick Bedroom Furniture

3 Bedroom Apartments Columbus Ohio | The ideal bedroom starts with furniture. Deciding upon the Right furnishings for your room is dependent upon the area where you are designing. If you’ve got a huge bedroom, there may be room to get a sitting room with an accent chair and lamp to relaxation and reading. Small spaces need to do double duty by providing a great deal of storage in a small footprint. Storage beds, chests of drawers, armoires and under-bed storage provide ample areas to store bedding and clothing.

Decorating Your Room

No matter what size bedroom you are designing, work to Make a focal point using furniture that makes a statement, such as a headboard, dresser or bed. Above-the-bed art, accent pillows and colorful bedding may also draw the attention. If you have a huge room, consider breaking it up into zones with carpets, lighting and accent pieces like seats or seats. Last, don’t forget light. A mix of overhead and accent lighting is nice for functionality and ambiance. Pendant lights are not only for kitchens–put in them nightstands or headboards for on-trend bedside lighting.

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